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 +====== On our way to.... ======
 +Our captain'​s name was John-such a pleasant young man. Now, we're leaving Rovinj.
 +To an isle that seems close at hand, you may go all night on a sailboat, and Michael with John changed tack repeatedly. [[http://​croatianews.uk|www]]
 +Bavaria 33 is a small boat, but it is equipped with all the requirements. There are two cabins: one and the second for guests. [[http://​croatianews.uk|www]]
 +The anchor dropped with water of astonishing colours at some concealed bays, berthing at the old quays filled with similar yachts, which were in a charter.
 +What would you need for agreeable sailing? First is friendly relations. Your travel impressions are completely dependent on the captain: whether you'll fly by way of the engine slowly or motoring.
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